Our Difference

Why Work with Rental Guys PM?

Tenant Screening

When a tenant applies, it is our job to find out everything we can about that tenant. We look at employment histories, income, the rental history and landlord references, credit scores and other background verification. All of these are huge factors that help us decide whether we want to rent to a specific applicant. If we decide to completely reject an applicant, it’s because of what gets revealed in the screening process.
Getting your home rented might start with advertising and marketing, but the tenant screening process is where we find the best person or people to put in your property.

Video Marketing

In addition to the color photos for all of our listings, we also shoot a video of the home to show off its unique features and give the viewer a better feel for the layout of the home that you just can’t get from photos. Using video allows us to reach more potential tenants so you have a bigger pool of quality renters interested in renting your property.

Inspection Photos

We provide property reports with photographs and a detailed condition report of your home. These reports are performed by experienced and certified inspectors who report on the condition of your home with trained eyes We will give you pictures and comments about the property and it's current condition to include Property Code Violations, Insurance Company Risks, Maintenance Issues (Including A/C Filter), Hazardous Issues, HOA Violations, Unauthorized Pets, or Illegal Activity.

Owner Electronic Payments

One of our policies at Rental Guys Property Management is that owner payments will arrive to the owner in their bank accounts quickly. That system flows in a very specific way.

We hope and expect that tenants will pay their rent on time each month, which means they’ll pay on the first of the month. We say “hope” because there are holidays and weekends in the mix and you have to consider that sometimes they will pay on the 2nd or 3rd of the month. In our leases we give them a grace period when it comes to rental payments. So, assuming they do pay on the first, we have to wait for the payment to settle. When they pay us rent electronically, that payment still has to settle, just like a written check or a hard copy check would have to clear. Once it settles into our account we turn around and forward that rent to the property owner right away.

The bottom line is that when our tenants pay on time, we are able to pay our owners on the 4th or 5th of the month, depending on holidays and business days, and then it hits the owner’s account within a couple of business days.

A Country Wide Presence

We know that we can’t learn everything in our own backyard . So, we have partnered with property managers across the country to share industry best practices and strategies. This has allowed Rental Guys Property Management to learn what works and what doesn't from those that have been in the business for decades. Just another reason why Rental Guys Property Management is one of the highest rated Property Managers in Jacksonville under Google reviews.