How to run a Credit Check on your Tenants

Credit Report

Running a credit check on your prospective tenants as a landlord is an important part of the screening process and a good way to help ensure you’re looking at qualified tenants for your rental property.  Here are some steps you’ll need to complete once a tenant completes the application: Verify tenants name, employment, and prior…

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Is your rental property titled correctly to protect you?


Owning rental property has many benefits.  It can provide a cash flow stream to help supplement your retirement, help pay for vacations, help with repairs to your own home, help pay for kids’ education, and many other things that having some extra money in your mailbox each month would help with. There is also some…

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Are you “covered” for a flood this Hurricane season?

Flood Image

Are you “covered” for a flood this Hurricane season? A lot of owners ask what is flood insurance? And are then surprised that their regular home owners or landlord/tenant policy doesn’t covered damage to a home caused by flooding outside the home.  Instead you need a separate policy to cover flood-related losses, defined as caused…

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