Rental Guys Property Management 8 step Marketing Strategy.

One of the things we have discovered here at Rental Guys Property Management is how to rent homes faster and with better tenants.

We have a 8 step marketing strategy  we closely follow to ensure our homes are rented fast sometimes before renters have even moved to town!

  1. We start with the photos .

    Taken by professional photographers  who  are trained to make your home stand out when prospective renters are searching online for their next home.  … not  haphazardly with  agents i-phones . Even better, our  photo slide shows   showcasing the best  features of your home are something very few others offer.

  1. The MLS( Multiple Listing Service).

    Accessible to thousands of agents across the Jacksonville- St. Johns area we list your home, with photos , bedroom count, bathroom count, amenities and additional information to showcase your home. Real Estate agents search this database to find homes that are suitable for their clients and reach out to Rental Guys Property Management  to schedule a showing of the property.

  1. National Exposure.

    We list your home on national websites like, Zillow, Trulia and others.  Prospective tenants can view  your home  on these sites and connect with our leasing team to get additional information and schedule a showing.

  1. Social Media.

    People are spending more and more time on social media so that is exactly where we target them! Facebook is another tool we use to list our rental properties. Prospective tenants can message Rental Guys Property Management with questions or even schedule  a showing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization.

    We have spend hundreds of hours to ensure our website ranks high in the Google rankings when searching for Jacksonville Property Management companies.  This means that when clients are browsing, looking  for homes to rent , they find us  ( and your home) FIRST.

  1. Reputation Management.

    We are highly ranked on review sites such as Google and Yelp. Tenants want to rent from a reputable company that takes care of their clients – and that is just what we do.

  1. Vacant Home Showings.

      We utilize a system that allows renters to view a property without an agent.  This is new to the industry and makes it easy to view at  the time that works best for the renter.  Renters work on many different schedules and  they can view your home at a  time that works best for them – every day, every weekend and every holiday. We have implemented a system that allows tenants to view a property on their own and move in as soon as possible.

  1. Mini Staging.

    Sometimes all you need is a small personal touch to make your vacant home stand out.   Using home décor in the kitchen and bathroom can make all the difference . Whether it be  turning your empty bathroom into  a bright colorful kids bathroom or  knickknacks for the kitchen Rental Guys  Property Management will do what it takes to rent your home FAST.  All at NO additional cost to you!

Even though we implement many strategies to rent your home fast we do not compromise our screening criteria to get you a quality renter. With guidelines  and procedures in place tenants are screened with the industries best practices.

These marketing techniques are why we are able to rent homes faster than our competitors. Give us a  call to find out  how we can help you.

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